Photo by Kirsten Oliver

The last two weeks have certainly been a time of refection for me, with Umngeni river run approaching this weekend, which was in fact my first ever ultra, I realised that two years have gone by and how much has changed.

Photo by Lost in South Africa

I had the great privilege of being a part of this extraordinary journey called Summit SA! Matt Te Water decided that he would plot a route from one of the lowest points in SA (Moses Mabhida) to the highest point in SA (Mafadi Peak). I was invited to be part of the support team. To encourage by running along and being of service.
50km ULTRA
Don’t worry Jo, it will be fun” he said with his captivating smile and reassuring voice. I met Prodigal Khumalo last year when I ran the “Pacing the way to change” fundraising run for the Southern Lodestar Foundation.
50km ULTRA

Photo by Marzelle van der Merwe

A few days ago I had the privilege of sharing at the treatment centre that I was at a two years ago. I was asked to please share my story; my experience of recovery; what it was like; what happened and what it is like today. Sitting at the front with all the patients staring at me intensely, hanging onto every word I said in anticipation for some hope that they too could change their lives.